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#BecomingFilipino ” Lucban, Quezon

Lucban … I am officially calling you “Little Italy”. My #BecomingFilipino stopover in Lucban was completely unplanned… but wow am I ever happy I did!


With your beautiful coloured houses, quiet streets, relaxed atmosphere, little deli’s and carenderia’s, beautiful old church and friendly people…

Lucban You Rock!

From Pancit HabHab to Longganisa sausages … there are some great local delicacies to try! Just walking around I couldn’t help by have a smile on my face!

The highlight of my trip to Lucban was while walking back from TayTay Falls I started talking with a few young girls who were in break from school… next thing you know without me asking they started singing “Bahay Kubo” as we were walking (check the end of the video)!

Just an amazing experience! Lucban is a must check out in Quezon!

Super Apir!

Song: Devendra Banhart – Can’t Help But Smiling

Meet Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman, a Canadian citizen who wants to become a Filipino.

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