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Enjoy the best Lucban Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Driver City Pickup transport games that includes parking, speed driving, pick and drop service in your city. the player needs to pick up the passengers and need to drive the rickshaw through the traffic, to drop the passengers in the given time, as the player keeps on playing the game and moves to the levels onward, new rickshaws are unlocked with the progress in the game the first new rickshaw is available after successfully completing the first five levels of the game.So you are going be an Real auto rickshaw driver in this amazing parking simulator game. 

Ever felt like speed riding an auto rickshaw? Well here’s your chance. Download Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Drive and watch the humble rickshaw take on the daunting city roads and prove its mettle.

Get in the driver’s seat and take charge of the power fuelled three-wheeler that zips across challenging roads. Feel the thrill, as you zoom past the obstacles and arrive at your destination in time.

Features of Lucban Tuk Tuk Ride 

– Best game play with well known user controls for easy handling

– Realistic 3D graphics

– Smooth handling

– Amazing Game

– High Quality

– Addicted Game Play


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